Le Scandinave Spa Blue Mountains

Recessed in the heart of a 20.2 hectare forested site at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, Le Scandinave Spa Blue Mountains is a nature day spa consisting of a cluster of 5 spa buildings and various outdoor hot and cold baths. The design utilizes the existing strengths of the property by incorporating natural environments, cultural features, view sheds, and microclimates to create an atmosphere of retreat and relaxation. Traveling through a sequence of distinct environmental zones, the visitor undergoes a subtle journey from the day to day to an environment that engages expectations of the spa and the Blue Mountains region. Envision-Tatham was retained to oversee the overall site planning, design and implementation to achieve the sensitive integration of spa facilities, pools, buildings, parking lots, and pedestrian walkways within a mature ravine forest. The multi-disciplinary collaboration with our engineers provided the control required during design and implementation to allow us to prepare an efficient site development strategy that ensured the least amount of development impact and environmental disruption.

Services Provided

Project visioning

Site analysis

Site planning

Concept design


Construction drawings


Construction review