Windfall is a new 609 home residential community located at the base of the Niagara Escarpment within walking distance of Blue Mountain Village and Le Scandinave Spa. From its inception, Windfall was envisioned to be a unique ‘mountain-style’ community, inspired by the Georgian Bay landscape and focused on an outdoor lifestyle. To guide its integration into the landscape, Envision-Tatham became an integral member of the Windfall team during the visioning, design and marketing process. Collaborating with our engineers, we were able to balance tree preservation, grading, and infrastructure objectives to ensure that native forest remained throughout. Our notable accomplishments were the protection of natural heritage lands in the community’s core and the creation of a naturalized watercourse, an amphibian breeding pond, and an extensive public trail network. Throughout the project we worked with the Town, NVCA, and NEC to ensure that environmental, tree protection and landscape character objectives were achieved. Recently Envision-Tatham completed the Site Plan, Visual Impact Assessment, and Urban Design Report for the development’s medium density block and we continue to oversee the completion of Phases 1 and 2 of the development.

Services Provided

Arboricultural assessment

Visual impact assessment

Site planning

Consensus building & approvals

Concept design

Graphic visualization


Construction drawings



Construction review