Collingwood Downtown Streetscape Improvements

Envision-Tatham had the opportunity to work within its own community to re-vision and transform Collingwood’s downtown retail core and Heritage Conservation District. Working collaboratively with the Town, BIA, and community stakeholders, a comprehensive streetscape and laneway improvements plan was prepared, with $7.5M of the plan being implemented in 2011. The project provided the opportunity to update the downtown heritage atmosphere to support local businesses while implementing contemporary initiatives such as active transportation, complete streets, accessibility, and heritage conservation. Widening of the boulevard along Hurontario St. and the application of flexible street principles permitted the creation of a dynamic public environment that accommodates a variety of versatile outdoor retail uses while maintaining unobstructed pedestrian routes. Further to the successful preservation of the mature street trees, new trees were planted utilizing underground green infrastructure technology (Silva Cell). Design elements utilized on Hurontario St. were also incorporated throughout six other downtown streets within the Heritage Conservation District to create a defining and vibrant downtown environment unique to Collingwood.

Services Provided

Public & stakeholder engagement

Consensus building & approvals

Concept design

Graphic visualization


Construction drawings


Tender support

Construction review