Thornbury Riverwalk Fish Ladder Viewing Platforms

Following construction of the Beaver River fish ladder by the MNRF in 2003, the Thornbury Riverwalk Fish Ladder Viewing Platform was the result of a collaborative vision between the Town of The Blue Mountains’ Trails, CAUSE, and Parks and Harbour Committees. Envision-Tatham was retained by the Town to design viewing platforms adjacent to the fish ladder with a public interpretation component developed in consultation with the MNRF. Taking advantage of the significant grade change between Bridge St. and the river, a large timber structure was designed with 3 levels connected by stairs, offering a diversity of viewing positions. The structure creates a much needed connection from the lower Riverwalk Trail to Bridge St. and also provides an accessible walkway mid-slope to the main viewing deck. Interpretation was focused on river ecology, fish migration, and the cultural history of the Town and the Beaver River. The civic plaza at the top of the slope displays a historic bell and ceremonial flags, enhancing Town Hall’s presence along Bridge St. Architectural detailing for the viewing platforms was inspired by the historic railway bridge that is visible as a backdrop to the structure.

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