Riverside Park

Riverside Park is located central to Collingwood’s Lockhart Meadows neighbourhood and features a naturalized storm water pond and a remnant wood lot. Working with Town staff, Envision-Tatham facilitated an extensive community building process that included a public design charrette, workshops, and presentations. The result of this collaboration is one of Collingwood’s most unique neighbourhood parks. Despite offering typical park elements such as playgrounds, community gathering spaces, and trails, their integration into the existing environment is what sets the design apart. Entitled ‘Forest Play Village’, the playground is set within the woodland and consists of 3 elevated play spaces connected by bridges, with mature trees preserved in between. The separated tot, youth, and swing playspaces encourage inclusive play, creativity and imagination, as well as the development of motor, cognitive and sensory skills for various ages. The result is a ‘naturalized playground’, connected with nature, offering an experience of discovery. Expanding on the discovery theme, local artist Myles Calvert incorporated beautiful wood engravings of local flora, fauna, and insects into the playground bridge railings, adding a unique cultural element for children and adult interaction.

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