Heritage Park

Heritage Park is one of Collingwood’s largest urban community parks and with increased demands for recreational facilities, the evolution of this parkland was inevitable. To ensure that the park’s growth occurred in context of an overall vision, the Town retained Envision-Tatham to prepare a phased park concept plan. Approved by Council in 2013, the Heritage Park Plan establishes an overall design vision which has recently guided the development of a number of new facilities. In 2013 the new Collingwood Firehall was integrated into the park to provide a positive and visible community presence. In 2014 the Centennial Aquatics Facility was also completed, providing indoor public swimming and therapy pool facilities. Most recently, the junior baseball diamond was completed in 2016 and construction has begun on the skateboard/ BMX facility which will be completed in 2017.  Future initiatives include the formalization of the existing temporary dog park and re-construction of the existing hardball diamond. Through good design and strategic implementation, Heritage Park has become a stronger community space, with increased public amenities and a greater sense of place.

Services Provided

Concept design

Graphic visualization


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