Midland Downtown Revitalization

Midland – 2021

King Street was identified as a priority in the Midland Downtown Master Plan (2015), to improve its function as a primary retail/tourism corridor and to address aging underground infrastructure. To ensure that the revitalization advanced in context of an overall downtown vision, Envision-Tatham and Tatham Engineering were retained to develop streetscape concepts for King Steet, First Street, Midland Avenue, Dominion Avenue, Hugel Avenue and Bourgeois Lane, in collaboration with the Town and BIA. Working through an extensive Steering Committee and public engagement process, a streetscape strategy was developed that balanced user expectations, while creating a modern aesthetic that complemented the Town’s waterfront history.

King Street was design designed as a ‘flexible’ street focused on ‘pedestrian-first’ principles, blending pedestrian, retail, and parking boundaries to allow businesses to redefine the use and layout of the boulevards through the repositioning of bollards and other features. LID objectives were fulfilled by the diversion of stormwater into rain gardens and underground soil cells to support tree plantings. Through spatial reorganization and the use of contemporary but historically respectful materials, the new King Street redefines Midland’s identity and transforms the downtown core into an engaging pedestrian-friendly destination that facilitates patios, outdoor retail, and events. With a total construction value of $14M, construction was completed in the fall of 2020.

Services Provided

Arboricultural Assessment

Concept Design

Design Development


Graphic Visualization

Community Engagement


Consensus Building

Construction Drawings

Cost Estimating



Construction Review